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Breakfast at Mason + Rye - Fenwick Food Hall Newcastle

On Sunday my Mam and I made our way north super earlier, ok it was half 9. I had an appointment at Skinclinic and fancied a wonder around Fenwick after so my Mam tagged along with me.

My appointment was at 10am and didn't take long at all so we were one of those people waiting outside of Fenwick waiting for it to open at half 10.

As soon as the doors clicked open Mam and I made our way through the men's clothing (briefly looking for some new shirts for Dad) and on to the Food hall.

I love Fenwick food hall, it really is my happy place! We went to Mason + Rye as I hadn't been yet.
You order your food at the counter are given a number and then find a seat.

I got a lemonade to drink it was like having a bowl of sugar for breakfast, you know the kind of drink you need to brush your teeth with straight after? I won't be drinking that again for breakfast. There wasn't that much to choose from on the drinks section at Mason + Rye. If you don't like tea or orange juice with bits in (the bane of my life) your choices are very limited.
For breakfast Mam ordered the 2 poached eggs on sourdough toast.
And I went for the smashed avocado, lemon and chilli on sourdough toast.
We halved our breakfast so we could get the best of both worlds.
The chilli in our avocado was a really nice kick and my poached egg was amazingly runny.

Just a side note - how cute is the tub that my ketchup came in?
On our way out I did have a look at the amazing cakes, my Dad would absolutely love them! Right up his street.
And some other tasty treats. 
I've also been to Ko Sai and Fuego in Fenwick food hall - if you want to read what I thought about them.

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Breakfast at Mason + Rye - Fenwick Food Hall Newcastle 

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