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A Typical Afternoon Down Puerto Banus - Marbella

Lazy days in Marbella are my favourite. 

Waking up, having a quick shower, throwing on your SPF, popping on a bikini and a simple outfit and your off. 

No make up, no fuss. I could really get used to that. 

A typical day down Puerto Banus (the port near to Marbella) always starts off with a little walk along the beach. 

Walking I find is the best way to stay fit while in the heat. 

After a walk you'll probably be pretty hungry. My favourite place to eat down Puerto Banus is Picasso (which is on the front of the port next to all the yachts).

Picasso's have a menu to suit all. 

Barbecue chicken salad. 

Cheese burger with chips and a side salad. 

But my favourite pizza with cheese, tomato and ham. It's delicious. 

I prefer to go to Picasso for lunch as on an evening there is always a huge queue to get a table. The food is expensive but good.

After lunch a little saunter in and out the shops is just what you need, along with admiring all the pretty boats. 

Once you've made it to the end of the port you'll need a well deserved drink. 

Astals is the place to go. 

Shaped like a ship all pirates are welcomed aboard. 

Especially those seeking something fizzy to drink. 

Or something more exotic perhaps? 

But I much preferred my glass of Champagne. 

After a drink in the sun there is only one thing you need, 
Vanilla being my favourite but also in the tub was some mint chocolate chip. 

The perfect way to end an afternoon down Puerto Banus. 

A Typical Afternoon Down Puerto Banus - Marbella 

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