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Why You Should Follow Me On Snapchat!!

I love snapchat!! I've had the app since the early days but I've always been rather silent on there. Let's face it I'm anything but quite so I've set it up so you can follow my every day life.

Username: Katiejaneonline


More of my best friend, Alfie. Although he's not always keen on getting his photo taken he does make quite a bit of an appearance.

A sneak inside to what goes on during blogging events.

I talk, a lot. Sometimes I'm interesting - sometimes I'm not.

You can see what beauty products I'm loving right there and then.

You get to come on running adventures with me.

But you should follow me anyway. I live in the North East - arguably the best place in the world.

Filters like this make my life!!

Anyway, come follow me.

Why You Should Follow Me On Snapcat!!  

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