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What I'm Curently Reading

Having Dyslexia put me behind quite a bit on the reading front in school. In fact, I hated reading. The idea would send me into a cold sweat and my stomach would churn.

Since I've been left school 9 years this June and I'm happy to say those cold sweats are gone and I always have a book on the go.

I'm currently reading Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Hemlinsley. Which, to be honest, goes along side my running addiction. I am loving this book. It covers everything from sports bras to needing the toilet while out running. We've all been there. Running into a random pub quickly in the hope they don't notice that you're not actually a patron. Nothing to see here.

The fitness bible I've been reaching for is The Lean Machines - Eat well, move better and feel awesome. I'm hooked. Since I've got this I've hardly put it down, marked out all the recipes I want to try and going to bust a few of their workouts as soon as my leg is 100% better.

Before bed I don't like to ready anything too heavy so I've been reaching for Sali Hughues Pretty Honest. This is the kind of book you can dip in and out off.

What are you reading at the moment?

What I'm Currently Reading 

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