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Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle

I love Lane 7 - there is some much to do, bowling, ping pong tables, arcades, great food and all kinds of sports to watch. In my opinion the perfect first date venue. 

Me and 10 of my blogging friends were at Lane 7 for dinner and to try the new racing rig. 
But before we went racing we had dinner. 
It was a tough choice but I managed to make my mind up by tossing a coin. 

I picked chilli dog, so good. The shredded beef chilli tasted amazing. I also choose sweet potato fries as I am slightly addicted to them at the moment. £10. 

On the table there was also nacho libre, beef burger, lettuce, house beef chilli, jalapeanos, sour cream with smoked cheese and some house nachos. With a side of sweet potato fries. £11. 

House burger, smoked cheese, burger sauce, lettuce, onion and tomato. With sweet potato fries. £10. 

Steve however won with his order of the Cuban press. Blacked pepper crust pork lion, smoked ham, smoked cheese, dijon mustard with sour dough toast. And of course Steve ordered sweet potato fries to accompany his sandwich. £11. 
I loved the food so much at Lane 7 - while I was eating my hot dog though I did think maybe this food isn't the most lady like food to be eating on the first date. 
For pudding I had Mr Whippy ice cream with monkeys blood and a flake! The best pudding ever. 
The peanut toffee cheesecake was also a huge hit on the table. 
So after we had finished dinner it was time to get our driving licences. 

This is your pass for a race. It cost £3 per go. 
There was a little wait before we got on the rig - for some reason I was starting to feel nervous. There was a small crowd of people there watching. I didn't want my driving ability being judged. 
But that didn't matter - I came 6th! I absolutely loved it.

The atmosphere was electric, people were rather competitive. (Yes I was one of those people). The Formula one music was blasting and I was ready to get my race on.

It did take me quite a few laps to get used to how the car worked. I did get stuck a few times and I found the easiest way to get unstuck was to just reverse the car around the track.

The trackside commentator was hilarious giving race updates. Although I think he took great joy in the amount of times I got stuck.

Will I be back? Oh yes I now have a position to beat, coming sixth just wasn't good enough.

Have you been down to Lane 7 recently?

Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle

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