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My Week In Training #16 - Great Norh Run

This week my leg should be feeling better, but it's not.

Monday 20/6

I was at a party which was contently held at my gym so I decided to do a 5k run on the treadmill before hand. I got half a mile in and just gave up. My right groin was hurting and I could see people arriving at the party so I just got off the treadmill and did some foam rolling. 

Tuesday 21/6

Rest day.

Wednesday 22/6

Club run night -  I was so excited to see my friends set off to do some interval training and my leg at 0.43 miles just stopped working. I could have cried I stopped running. I'm not getting slightly worried that running 13.1 miles in early September might be out of reach. 

Thursday 23/6

Rest day. 

Friday 24/6

Rest day. 

Saturday 25/6

Rest day. 

Sunday 26/6

Rest day. 

I have a physio appointment later today. I miss running so much, the wind whoosing through my hair, the sun on my face and the sound of feet hitting the pavement.  

Also I'm slightly worried about the GNR now. If I was running but keeping my mileage low I feel like that would be better than doing nothing at all. I can't even complete 5k. Please pray that my leg makes a miracle recovery.

My Week In Training #16 - Great North Run 

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