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My Week In Training #15 - Great North Run

So this week didn't exactly go to plan. On my training plan it said my long run for this week was meant to be 7miles, that didn't happen.

Monday 13/6

This was going to be my long run this week - but at exactly half a mile in my groin gave out the worst pain ever. My two lovely friends I was running with walked with me and managed to convince me to drop from 7 miles to 5k. Well we started running again and chatting away and I felt great. Well not exactly great but better than before so I managed to complete 4miles.

Tuesday 14/6

I went on a lovely 7 mile bike ride with some of my running friends. The weather was beautiful and I haven't been out on my bike in years. I honestly had some much fun. Even if I did fall off once.

Wednesday 15/6

I took my fancy new Tomtom watch for a little swim - a feature which I am loving by the way. I wanted to swim for 20 mins. Which I thought would be around 20 lengths. I was going pretty slow (I have false eye lashes on and can't get them wet, I know first world problems) But I actually managed 26 lengths! I was pretty impressed.

Thursday 16/6

Straight after work I whizzed down the motorway and went to Metafit at my gym. I was the only person for this class so it turned out to be quite intense. I really enjoyed it.

Friday 17/6

Rest day.

Saturday 18/6

Rest day.

Sunday 19/6

Rest day.

How has did your week in training go last week?

My Week In Training #15 - Great North Run 

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