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My Week In Training #14 - Great North Run

This week marks the first of my Great North Run training which will be my first half marathon. I'm really excited about being part of the GNR this year. I've been saying for years that I'll do it one year and 2016 will be it. 

Monday 6/6

I went to see Neil at Platinum physio in Coxhoe and I finally have a proper diagnose for my poorly leg - a tight ITB band. Which is what I originally thought. Anyway lots of foam rolling and to continuing running. So I went along to my first GNR training run. We did a mile warm up  and then ran hard for 5 mins and jogged for 3 mins 3 times. I couldn't quite manage going as hard as I wanted too but managed to run all of it. Which is the main thing! 4.32 miles completed :).

Tuesday 7/6

Rest day.

Wednesday 8/6

I went spinning for half an hour and ended up sweating like a pig. After a pealing off my sweaty top (I'm sorry but I've never sweated so much) and a shower I went and did 22 lengths in the swimming pool.

Thursday 9/6

The Blaydon Race. As a Newcastle United fan this was a race that I would have crawled around if I had too. I went along with my dream of getting a sub 55min time out the window and just went for the t-shirt. Which is the best decision I've made. I loved every step of the 5.6 mile race. The first 2 miles I was flying - going fast than my best race pace and then came the 3 mile mark and my groin just decided to give up. I added 1 min onto my pace (slowing myself down) knock the time off my watch so I couldn't see when time I was on for and decided to take care of myself. I managed to finish the race in 55min and 48 secs. Which is way quicker than I thought. So I was pretty chuffed with that.

Friday 10/6

Rest day.

Saturday 11/6

I went along and helped my lovely friends out with the second week of Couch to 5k programme that is going on in Durham and really enjoyed it. It was run 3 mins and walk for 3 mins 5 times over.

Sunday 12/6

Sunday morning is no longer my lie in time. I went along to Spinning and TRX at my gym. Really enjoyed it. Just a shame I'm away the next few weekends.

If you're taking part in the Great North Run I'd love to hear how your training is going.

My Week In Training #14 - Great North Run 

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