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My Week In Training #13

What went down last week in training. 

Monday 30/5

I managed to do 10 lengths in the swimming pool. But learnt that front crawl was not the best stroke so stuck to breast stroke. 

Tuesday 31/5

1 hour of body pump. Ok so the squats and the lunges made me want to cry - not with pain from my right leg but with my left?! What is going on? May it is taking all the weight. As my left knee is actually my bad knee (has been since I was at school) it must not be used to being the 'stronger' leg.

Wednesday 1/6

I managed another 10 lengths in the pool - this time at a much more leisurely pace as I was chatting to my cousin as well as swimming.

Thursday 2/6

Rest day.

Friday 3/6

Rest day.

Saturday 4/6

I managed to get around Durham parkrun and felt pretty good too. I also went to aerial yoga for a nice old stretch. 

Sunday 5/6

Rest day - I was slightly worried when I woke up thinking my leg might be awful after running on it yesterday. But it wasn't!! I am really hopeful that this might be me on the mend!

This week I officially start my Great North Run training so hopefully I'll be able to give you some helpful tips along the way. 

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My Week In Training #13 

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