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10 Thing's I've Learnt with RT Fitness - Durham

I walked into RT fitness thinking I was fairly fit, comfortable runner up to 10k. But I had little body strength. I was what you would call skinny fat. Looked good with clothes on, but God forbid I had to wear a bikini.

I've wanted to change that for such a long time, and, other than just complaining I was out of shape/weak I decided to do something about it. RT Fitness is like no gym I have been to before. The team are dedicated and you can tell that by looking at their bodies. (They are also so lovely to talk too). And it's great to go. If I missed a session, I've been away working, or my toe nail fell off (a lot worse than it sounds, I promise).

So here is what I've learnt while going to Team Carnage 3 times a week for 5 weeks.

1. The only thing getting in the way of your dream is yourself, so stop self doubting. 

2. I might never be able to do 1 full press up without collapsing and I'm ok with that. 

3. You will never know which is worse the prowler or the battle ropes. They're both as painful as each other. 

4. Doing a plank will get easier in time - trust me.

5. I never knew 20 seconds of pikes could feel like an hour in real time. 

6. Sometimes hearing "well done" when you feel like giving up is all you need to carry on. 

7. If you want to do ,say 20 reps of something, count backwards. It feels easier than counting forwards.

8. My diet is the thing I need to improve on the most.


And finally, if I ever hear again the 'Eat, sleep, rave repeat' song in my life, it just might be too soon. 
Now my time is over I need to put some serious miles in my legs (as soon as my flaming leg is better) so more long runs, but I am hoping to stick at doing at least 2 strength and conditioning session's a week.
You can follow RT Fitness on twitter and instagram but the best place to stalk them is on facebook - be warned, some of their success stories will make you cry.  

10 Things I've Learnt With RT Fitness - Durham

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