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10 Things I've Learnt Since I Started Running

Since I tied my running shoe laces way back in September and actually being able to complete a 5k run without stopping in November I am 100% hooked on running. Here are 10 things I've learnt during my short running 'career'.

1. Entering races is an expensive but an addictive task.

2. Talking to strangers is normal, as long as they are running too.

3. The scariest part of running is the fear of getting injured.

4. Spending hours in the pub after a run, to talk about how the run you have just been on went and what races are coming up at the weekend.

5. There is nothing worse than losing your toe nail near summer time. FACT.

6. Saturday mornings are reserved for parkrun.

7. Washing, most of your washing basket is more than likely filled with sweaty running clothes. Yuk.

8. More annoyingly the need to was your hair and then drying it. Takes up valuable running time.

9. If you haven't felt like throwing up at the end of a race, you clearly haven't pushed yourself hard enough.  

10. Your running friends are quite literally the best.

I honestly could have gone on for quite some time on this post but I think 10 things is more than enough. What have you learnt since you started running?

10 Things I've Learnt Since I Started Running 

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