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Window Shopping - Seafolly

My summer holiday is so close, I can almost smell it. I've been planning my holiday wardrobe for longer than any person should but I'm just so excited to actually feel the heat on my skin.

This week I've been looking at swimwear. I really love Seafolly.

1. I love navy blue swimwear, in fact the two bikinis I have from Seafolly are blue. I love the style of this halter neck. Perfect for the Spanish sun. House of Fraser £55.

2. This stunning bikini has been order as I literally fell in love with it. You can find it on ASOS plus it's one sale (winning).

3. Now the last thing I really need is another beach towel. Especially one that comes in at £65. But it's round and tie dye. Coolest thing ever?! I think so. John Lewis.

4. Well you can't have the top without the bottoms can you? I like these they aren't as skimpy as some that Seafolly do! House of Fraser £43.

Are you going any where on holiday in the Summer?

Window Shopping - Seafolly 

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