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Window Shopping - Beauty

Since it's Fenwick's beauty week it's all I've been lusting after this week. I've spent  (wasted) hours on the internet this week searching for make up.

1. After spending my time on the Tom Ford counter while at the launch of Fenwick's beauty week I have actually fallen in love with scent. It smells of an exotic island, something I could get used too. Imagine my disappointment when my Mother went out and bought it at the weekend! It is still on my wish list and I will buy it! £145 - John Lewis

2. This technically isn't window shopping as I did end up buying this Anastasia cream contour kit, remember when MAC had their limited edition cream contour? Well I loved them. Like I way more than one girl should. So this kit was obviously something I had to have. I ordered it at the weekend and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. £39 - Net A Porter

3. Estee Laurder double wear foundation. The best foundation ever? Quite possibly. Back on my wish list, will buy it when my back up foundations run out. Which might be this time next year. £33 - John Lewis

4. Again, that Tom Ford counter it just sucks me in and I don't stand a chance. This bronzer is just something I love. I think possibly it's the gold and white packaging. but at £50, I think it's something I'm just going to have to lust after. £50 - Net  A Porter

5. The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, on my wish list forever. This one is Lost Cherry. Rule number one in the beauty world, there is no such thing as too many lipsticks. £23 - Selfridges

Window Shopping - Beauty

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