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Tom Ford - Soleil Blanc

The first moment I smelt Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc perfume at the launch of Fenwick's beauty week I knew it would be mine one day.

I've never had a perfume that make's me feel the way wearing Soleil Blanc makes me feel. Now I can already hearing you saying what the hell is she on about? But when I wear this perfume I really feel like I could conquer the world. It makes me feel fierce, powerful and sexy.

The smell instantly reminds me of being on holiday, with white sandy beaches, pure blue sky and crystal clear waters. Some where like the Caribbean. There is defiantly bergamot in the formula, my most loved fragrances all have a hint of bergamot. Yet it does smell rather floral as well which is most unlike me. (Unless it's Jo Malones Peony blush suede a favourite of mine).

The only thing I need now is the Soleil Blanc body oil which I am convinced will make my legs look incredible for the summer.

So who wouldn't love a perfume that makes them feel confident, sexy, fierce and powerful all at the same time?

Tom Ford - Soleil Blanc 

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