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The Perfect Dress For A Wedding

I would consider myself a pretty laid back person. I never stress about what I'm going to wear tomorrow or plan anything more than one meal ahead.

But when my friends announced they had booked their wedding last year for May this year, I instantly panicked "What the hell am I going to wear?". Now this would never bother me, in fact the last wedding I went too my father picked out my dress from Coast. Anyone who knows my Dad will be sat scratching their head. My Dad doesn't even pick out his own clothes so letting him pick a dress from a wedding was a big risk, huge.

This wedding bothered me some what as the bride and the groom are friends from School. The bride primary school and the groom senior school (Well I've known him since we were tiny).

Therefore I imagined a lot of people who I used to know would be there and judging.

I wanted to look wow. Like stop, is that Katie from school? Kind of wow.

Until a few weeks ago I had ordered all kinds of dresses from ASOS, the Self portrait dress that I'm sure has been done, a random brand from ASOS that my sister thought I would suit but the dress looked more for an Indian wedding and I toyed in going in the stranded Ted Baker dress and run the risk of someone else also wearing the same dress. One of my actual nightmares.

Until a few weeks ago, I went to Harrogate. I was more interested if their champagne tasted the same as ours up North than actually looking for a dress.

My friend L wanted to have a look in LK Bennett. A shop I associate with Kate Middleton and other yummy Mummy's. Not my 20 something self.

Jenny Roberts was there from JR Millnery with some of her fabulous hats and fasenators. She foolishly asked me if I needed any help as I aimlessly wondered around looking at random shoes following behind the ladies I was with.

Yes, I need help. I replied. I need a dress, shoes and a hat. Within seconds I was presented this gorgeous orange dress (it say's Red Tomato on the website) and this wonderful fascinator.

Now this dress is nothing that I would have picked up myself. In fact I'm not even 100% sure my stylist aka sister would have chose this for me. And I loathe trying clothes on in the shop. I tried the dress on and fell in love. Came out the changing room, with some heels on and trotted down to show the girls. They loved it. I put the fascinator on and looked in the mirror and instantly knew this was the one. 

I bought the dress before seeing the price, never a good sign. £295. But as I said I wanted to look wow and I keep telling myself this is an investment piece. (Keep repeating that Katie).

I did have a slight nightmare with shoes. My boyfriends Mam let me borrow a pair of her wonderful Gina shoes but sadly I couldn't walk in them very well. So 2 days before the wedding I order a pair of Jimmy Choo Lang sandals from Net a Porter. Thank goodness they fit and by the way are the most comfortable sandals I've worn. There we a few ladies at the wedding with these shoes on (all in different colours) and we all agreed how comfortable they were.

For my bag I used my chanel, it's big enough to get everything I need in. Purse, flip flops, camera, compact, lipstick, house keys etc. It's like the Mary Poppins bag of bags.

The only problem I had was the weather. About an hour before these photos were taken it was torrential rain. 

I had an absolutely wonderful day at the wedding and I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments I received for my outfit. A few people actually stopped me and asked her various things were from. The hair piece was a real winner. I'll 100% be renting a hat again.

Do you have any weddings coming up? I have another 3....what am I gong to wear?

The Perfect Dress For A Wedding 

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