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New Balance Haul - Dalton Park

Long time readers of KJO will know I've seriously upped my fitness game this year.

Working out as much as I can or as much as my body will let me. Some times this means twice a day.

I thought it was time I needed to get some new kit. But workout clothes can be quite expensive. Dalton Park near Sunderland is the perfect place to head, not only do they have a New Balance shop but they also have, Sports Direct and Addias stores at fantastic discounted prices.

As the weather is getting warmer I have ditched the jumper and started running in technical t-shirts. I picked two.

This beautiful green colour (that also happens to be the same as my club colours). I love the detailing on the back of this top.

The fabric is extremely breathable and doesn't leave you feeling hot and sweaty at all.

I also got this gorgeous blue t-shirts in a similar style to the green but the back is slightly different.

**To see detailing on the back it's all on my youtube video that is linked at the end.
Keeping in the blue theme I also picked up this vest. Which to be honest I think will be best for my days in the gym as I can get quite cold while out running. But I really love this colour blue.

To go with both blue tops I got these navy blue leggings. They are perfect as they have a zipped pocket which will store my car key in when I go out running. At the moment my trainers are blue too (and are my lucky ones) so it's nice to be matching as I usually just wear whatever is clean.

Keeping on with the leggings I got these lovely black capris, the only down side is there is no zip pocket. So I've been using these to go to Yoga in. The are brilliant, really tight fitting too.

While I was in the New Balance shop I saw these running belts. Now I've never owned one but a few weeks ago I went out on a training run and a lot of my friends had them. The water bottles were filled up and in their pockets they had jelly babies to keep us going. What a brilliant idea! So I picked one up and I think I'll give it a go this weekend.

All of this came in under £100. Considering some of my running leggings cost almost as much as this I thought it was an absolute bargain!

I've also done a Youtube video on my haul which I will link below if you fancy taking a look.

I think my favourite out of all are the blue carpi leggings. They are so comfortable to wear. What's your favourite?
New Balance Haul - Dalton Park

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