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My Week In Training #9

This week I've been smashing PB's left right and centre!!

Monday 2/5

I needed a recovery run after the Sunderand 10k the day before and the weather was so beautiful it would have been a shame to waste. So a nice little 5k.

Tuesday 3/5

Rest day.

Wednesday 4/5

Double train. Started off with some strength work for 45 minutes before heading to the track for some speed work where I got a PB 5k in 28:09. Altogether I ran 4.1mi.

Thursday 5/5

Rest day.

Friday 6/5

45 mins of strength work with the carnage crew before going on a 7 mile run, which sharply ended at mile 1 and I then ran back to base. My knee was in quite a bit of pain.

Saturday 7/5

I went to Durham parkrun to try and break the 30 min barrier, which I did. 5k in 29:09!! Next challenge break the 29 min barrier?

Afterwards I went to Ariel Yoga for some much needed stretching.

Sunday 8/5

A beautiful day for a Pier to Pier practice run, 7 miles from South Shields to Rocker pier.

I have a fairly busy week this week so my mission is to run at least twice. Which might be a slight challenge.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @runner_katiejane. Have a lovely week everyone.

My Week In Training #9

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