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My Week In Training #8

The weather, my health and my nails have all got in the way of training this week. But I'll bore you with the deails later.

Monday 25/4

I was ill. Like not just a runny nose I was full on sick. On Sunday night I started being sick and it didn't stop till Monday morning. I felt vile, I couldn't drive let alone go to the gym.

Tuesday 26/4

Still not feeling 100% I managed 2 lengths of the swimming pool before collapsing in a heap in the sauna.

Wednesday 27/4

Feeling loads better I went along to the Neptune relays at Hardwick park organised by Sedgefield Harries and had a brilliant time!! 

When I got home I took my socks off and noticed I'd lost a toe nail. My nails had been growing strange for quite sometime so I guess one just got sick and came off. There was no blood but that was about to change.

Thursday 28/4

Right big toe nail missing I put my work shoes and opened the blood gates! So I put a bit of Savlon on and covered it with a plaster. Painful to walk so I gave training a miss tonight.

Friday 29/4

Still completely traumatised by the look on my toe nail, I went along to see the nurse and she advised me not to run. (As if that was going to happen) Or if I did run to pad my toe out. Which is what I did. 

Saturday 30/4 

3.1 miles, nice steady run around Durham parkrun in the beautiful sunshine. 

Sunday 1/5 

6.2 miles at Sunderland 10k which I managed to do a HUGE PB and get around in 58:56! I was so proud of myself. 

So my week started off pretty poorly but ended extremely well. 

Looking forward to getting back to RT fitness next week and working on some strength and conditioning. 

My Week In Training #8

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