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My Week In Training #12

I wrote this post every day last week, kind of as a diary so I could record how my leg actually felt.

Monday 23/5

After a day at work (sat behind a desk) my leg did feel a little better. So I decided to go to Pilates for the first time in years and I really enjoyed it. The hour was focused on core work. I busted out a few moves I've never tried before. I'll 100% be doing it again.

Tuesday 24/5

Rest day - My leg is feeling loads better. I can stand on my right (poorly) leg without feeling like I want to cry. (Putting socks on has been a nightmare).

Wednesday 25/5

Rest day - I spoke to soon. My leg feels worse today. But I went to see my lovely running friends in the pub as I'm really missing the social side of running more than anything. It was lovely to have a catch up and receive a little bit of sympathy.

Thursday 26/5

Rest day - Went to see the physiotherapist this morning and it's not ligament damage or damage to the ItB band like I thought and no damage to the knee. Just muscle strain. 4-5 weeks rest. This being week 1. I'm honestly so sick, the next few weeks will be fun. My main concern is the Blaydon Race is on the 9th of June (2 weeks away). I am desperate to do the race so my leg had better be feeling better soon.

Friday 27/5

Rest day - I woke up this morning and my leg felt loads better - but this has happened before so I don't have my hopes up that I'll be recovery quickly.

Saturday 28/5

I volunteered at parkrun as the barcode scanner - volunteering is literally the best thing (better than running). So if you ever want to get into parkrun but don't want to run it straight away I recommend getting in touch with your local parkrun and seeing if they need any help. 

I managed 10 lengths in the pool after parkrun - leg felt grand. But I didn't want to over do it. 

Sunday 29/5

Rest day. I went up to Edinburgh to watch my amazing friends run the marathon. What an amazing day. Well done to everyone who ran! 

Anyway - if listen to me whinging on is your thing, you can follow me on snapchat (username Katiejaneonline) for my daily moans on how I can't run and how bored I really am!

My Week In Training #12 

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