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My Week In Training #11

"Listen to your body, don't be a deaf and blind tenant" Doctor George Sheehan.

I read the above quote on Tuesday night on the train as I made my way home from Newcastle. Slightly intoxicated I really wanted to cry. What have a I done to my body?

So I'm injured, no biggie. My right leg is slightly sore, when I say slightly I mean it's killing me. But I kept telling everyone 'it's not that bad' when deep down I just wanted to scream. So the pain started on Saturday last week. Just after parkrun (where I got a PB I might add) and before Yoga. I still ran on my poorly leg on Sunday and Monday. 

Monday 16/5

You see I couldn't miss running today. Ben from 401 challenge was in Newcastle running a marathon. I had to do a few miles. Which I did. 6.88 miles to be precise. It was at snail pace, (which I was thankful for) but it if was any other day I would have rested.

I vlogged the day which you can watch here.

Tuesday 17/5

Rest day. 

Wednesday 18/5

Rest day.

Thursday 19/5

Have a guess, rest day. I'm getting rather bored now. Leg still really hurts.

Friday 20/5

Rest day.

Saturday 21/5

I attempted to go to parkrun but quickly realised it was a stupid idea. It took me 57 mins to get around and I felt so sorry for all the volunteers waiting for me and every step I took was so painful.  

Sunday 22/5

Rest day.

I have decided to give myself another week off. Maybe go swimming a little but it might still hurt my leg. I'm going to see the Physio on Thursday, I really do hope he can help me.

My Week In Training #11 

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