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My Week In Training #10

Monday 9/5

Monday was an absolutely glorious day. I went to RT Fitness for 45 mins of hell AKA team carnage. I was so hot, like thought I might be melting.

As the weather was so nice and I wanted to carry on my 4 day run streak I did a 5k with my lovely running friends. A completely new route around Durham. I got to see parts of my city I didn't even know existed. I absolutely love the sun shine.

Tuesday 10/5

Finally a rest day.

Wednesday 11/5

I went to RT Fitness for Team Carnage but seriously, found it pretty hard. My legs are still pretty sore from the Monday and getting down on the floor doing bear crawls. I looked more like a bear skin rug!

Thursday 12/5

Rest day. 

Friday 13/5

A session with RT Fitness, working in pairs doing various exercises. However I think I damaged my leg on the prowler.  

Saturday 14/5

Me and my poorly right leg went to parkrun in Durham and I still manage a PB! 28:44 :D. I was very happy with that.

Afterwards I did have a seriously poorly leg. But made it to Yoga for a nice little stretch.

Sunday 15/5

Raby Castle 5k that actually turned out to be 3.33 miles. And as you guessed yes my leg was still really sore and I probably shouldn't of ran on it, but I did. No I won't ever learn.

You can follow my journey daily on instagram by searching @runner_katiejane.

My Week In Training #10 

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