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May Fitness Files

I feel like I'm sitting on the fence of how this month went.

For one I got a lot of PBs and then I spent 2 weeks injured.

Best Achievements - I'm not sure if it was running Sunderland 10k in 58:56 of finally getting my Durham parkrun time under 30 mins? Or 28:44 to be precise Either or this month I've been smiling from ear to ear with my achievements and if you've seen me this month I've more than likely asked if you would like to see my medal from Sunderland 10k. That was until my leg went off. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle or have a trapped nerve so I've been resting, a lot and felt sorry for myself - a lot.

Healthy recipe to try - Almost every morning I've had porridge and it's super simple to make. Half a cup of porridge oats, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, loads of cinnamon and 1 cup of almond milk. Throw it all into a pan. Until cooked. Then pop a few chopped strawberries on top a long with a huge dollop of Nutella. There is actually nothing better to have for your breakfast.

Top Tip - Listen to your body. I honestly wish I had done. If I had rested my leg when it first started to hurt it might not still be giving me pain.

Total Miles Ran - 45.71 miles 

I'm looking forward to getting better and feeling 100%. When I drive past runners I get so jealous. I want to be running again. (Never thought I'd say that)

May Fitness Files

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