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Adrianos - Gosforth

Last week my family and I headed up to Gosforth somewhere we never venture too and I had absolutely no idea where to eat. So I took to the North East Food lovers facebook page to ask where to eat and a lot of people recommended Adrianos, a Mediterrean restaurant on Goshforth high street.

There was a lot of praise about Adrianos, some people even saying it's the best food out of Italy.

First of all the staff were incredibly helpful. My sister is slowing recovering from an operation on her foot and is on crutches and needs to keep her foot elvavated. When I booked I mentioned this to the staff and they placed us on a large round table near the disabled toilets.

I love the decor inside Adiranons, it's how I would love my house. Lot's of natural light, old features with a really modern chic theme. 

Once we got settled I took one look at the menu and knew exactly what I wanted. As soon as our order was taken we were given some bread, olives and oil. There was enough bread to feed the 5000.

Buffalo mozzarella with juicy tomatoes and a pesto dressing. It was delicious. This is a most simple dish but one of my favourites.

Mam & Dad ordered some rosemary bread. (We didn't know we were getting the first lot of bread)

Emily ordered calamari, which I think I liked more than she did!

There wasn't a long wait for our main course.

Dad ordered the crab, crayfish and chilli risotto, to tell you the honest truth, it was a bit bland.

Mam had pasta parcels, filled with lobster with a light lobster bisque sauce.

Sticking with the Seafood theme, I had risotto too, with mixed shellfish and seafood, cooked in white wine and plum tomatoes. I really enjoyed it.

Emily had twisted pasta with broccoli and dolcelatte cheese, sprinkled with chopped walnuts. And as Emily never has anything from the menu as it comes, she asked for some chicken to be added. I think this was my favourite dish of the night. It was delicious and as Emily couldn't eat it all, she got a doggy bag to take what she left home!

And some chips, for the table (that no one managed to eat), I think Emily had eyes bigger than her belly).

The only really downside of Adrianos was the noise. The restaurant was so loud, it was fairly busy for a Thursday night, but I would have hated it had it been peak time on a Saturday. I was shouting over the top of the noise, trying and talk to my family, and then repeating myself a lot when they didn't hear.

I would love to go back to Adrianos, I really want to try the pizzas that were coming out of the oven, they looked so good!!

To book a table call 0191 284 6464.

I am finally on Snapchat and I absolutely love it! If you want to see little mini vlogs please head over and follow my username is katiejaneonline.

Adrianos - Gosforth 

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