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My Week In Training #7

What exciting things went down in the world of training last week. 

Monday 18/4

Big things happened for me today. I went to RT fitness for Team Carnage. The workout was 1 minutes on 20 seconds off and I felt so strong. I actually felt like I could do a press up (off my knees), I planked so well and leg raises were so good. It's pikes, I'm no bloody good at them. But I'll keep working on them until I can do 4 on the trot.

I headed to track straight after, since Blyth 10k I haven't ran fast and I was getting pretty worried that my body had completely forgot how too. So we did a LOT of warming up and then 500 metres hard with 300 metres recovery.

I managed to get my quickest mile at 8:34 and quickest 5k in 28:22. So I was revealed to know I can run. I just need to keep up a good pace for the Sunderland 10k that is coming up in a few weeks.

Tuesday 19/4

A 30 minute ab session followed by a walk on the treadmill. I honestly find the treadmill the worst thing in the world. I don't know how people can commit to running 5k on one!?  

Wednesday 20/4

Back at RT fitness for some Team Carnage, working on abs and arms today. 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. Which seemed to go down ok until I went running. 

I decided to do a completely new route tonight with the club. I laced up my trail shoes and did 2 laps through the woods. I found this incredibly though. I couldn't even think of any positive thoughts, I just kept thinking to myself "What the hell are you doing, you're going to end up so injured" It was one of those runs where the only person you were racing is yourself. Anyway I managed 4.69 tough mental miles. (Then went to the pub for some pasta!)

Thursday 21/4

Rest day. 

Friday 22/4

A session with the lovely lot at RT Fitness. Despite not having enough sleep I managed to blast through the dreaded Friday session which involves, battle ropes, the prowler, press ups and sitting against the wall. 

Saturday 23/4

A trip to Chester le street parkrun 3.1 miles which I managed in 29:03. A lovely warm day and actually a really nice route where I saw loads of swans, I was worried one would wander on the path. 

Sunday 24/4

Rest day. 

How did you get on last week? 

My Week in Training #7

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