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My Week In Training #6

What a week this has been.

Sadly I was still struck with injury most of this week. I went to see my physio on Tuesday and he recommended me a few days off running. After I got over sulking I realised it probably was for the best. My leg from last week was still hurting me and as it was on my left leg, (my poorly knee leg) my knee also decided to stop working properly too.

My Mam actually said to me "Is running actually doing you any good Katie" after I spat my peppermint tea out I quickly responded YES. It's like a hangover but in reverse. You start off feeling rubbish and end up feeling amazing. Unless your injured like I was this week.

Monday 11/4

45 minuets of strength and conditioning with Team Carnage. Using your own body weight, 1 minute on 20 seconds rest. I felt like I was on fire. I'd never felt so strong. Still rubbish at press ups, but the planks I could have gone on way longer than a minuet. I was super proud of myself.

I then went on a 3.5 mile run and I ended up in pain at around 1 mile in. But I still finished the run and then hobbled home.

Tuesday 12/4

Rest day. Trip to the physio, who told me my legs were really stiff. Thanks I knew that. Gave me a few new exercised to work on (I now have loads to do).

I then went for a nice little sauna in the gym as the idea of actually swimming was a no go.

A sports massage was next on my to do list so I went along at half 7 and hated ever minuet. Luckily my back isn't as tight as it was before but my leg. OUCH. I was actually crawling off the bed.

Wednesday 13/4

45 minutes of pure hell. Strength and conditioning. I was so sore from my sports massage even lying down was painful. But I managed to battle through.

Thursday 14/4

2 speedy miles with my friend for her first run. I thought the pace would be slower than it was therefore I wore 1 layer too many for this run. Was glad when it was over.

Friday 15/4

A 45 minute session at Team carnage. Including 6 solid minutes of pushing the bloody prowler. If you don't know what a prowler is consider yourself lucky!!

Saturday 16/4

A trip to my beloved parkrun in Durham for 3.1 miles of mud. After everything in the press about Little Stoke losing their parkrun it make me 100% more grateful that Durham is still going strong. parkrun changed my life and I never want to lose that feeling of crossing the finish line!!

Sunday 17/4

The weather was too nice not to go outside so a 5 mile run along the river banks of Durham. So glorious!

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And here is my Virgin Money giving page for the Great North Run which I am running for on behalf of St Cuthbert's hospice in Durham if you fancy doing a good deed for the day.
My Week In Training #6

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