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My Week In Training #5

I spent most of this week cruising around North East France. Sounds a lot more glamorous than what it is. I was working and didn't really get much chance to do much.

Monday 4/4

Strength and Conditioning at 6am. Which to be honest I was so tired all day. 

Tuesday 5/4

Rest day - I was driving in a car so I hardly did anything. 

Wednesday 6/4

Rest day - Same again sat in a car. 

Thursday 7/4

Rest day - Yeah you guessed it, in a car. 

Friday 8/4

Finally back to some running! 7.07 miles which was a distance PB. I was again so proud of myself but ready for bed by the end. 

Saturday 9/4

Durham parkrun 3.1 miles. I felt so strong considering my long run the night before but after the first half mile my hamstring gave up. I finished but boy oh boy I was in pain. I went straight home and sulked to myself. 

I was persuaded to go to Yoga, I couldn't do all the moves but I did help, a little.  

Sunday 10/4

Forced rest day. Sadly I had to drop out of the relays I had plannned my leg was just far too painful to walk on yet alone run. But I felt loads better by the end of the day. 

As always I have a fitness instagram page where I post daily. You can find me at @runner_katiejane.

Here is my Virgin Money giving page for the Great North Run which I am running for on behalf of St Cuthbert's hospice in Durham. Any donations are gratefully excepted :).

Happy training everyone.

My Week In Training #5

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