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My Week In Training #4

What went down this week in my trainers.

Monday 28/3 

Team Carnage on the morning. It was more of a HIIT session using your own body weight. 1 min on 20 secs off. Doing things such as crunches, press ups, pikes and planks. However I managed to pull my groin during the warm up for the session was awful.

4.1 miles running, a very hill route around Durham. Was a hard session after the mornings strength work. I couldn't get into a proper rhythm. My legs felt like lead. 

Tuesday 29/3 

Rest day.

Wednesday 30/3

Team Carnage after work. 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, concentrating on arms which my abs (well I don't really have any) were so glad to have some time off.

Thursday 31/3 

Rest day.

Friday 1/4 

This is how much I am into my training now I went to a 0615 training session. I know, I'm as shocked as you. Felt really good getting an early morning session I with Team Carnage but 6 minutes work on arms, very painful.

After work I had a nice slow 5k which really helped my legs recover from strength training.

Saturday 2/4

Double train Saturdays. 5k parkrun in Durham I was tail runner so it was a lovely gentle slow jog/walk in the rain.

I then headed straight over to Aerial yoga for the first time which I loved. I found it so much better than normal yoga and I'll 100% be doing it again.

Sunday 3/4 

Blyth 10k. My first 10k race. It was a super flat course and I did it in 59:54 unofficial time and 1:00:02 official time! How annoying are those two seconds? I have another 10k coming up in May, I'm determined to get rid of those pesky seconds.

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I've also set up a Virgin Money giving page for the Great North Run which I am running for on behalf of St Cuthbert's hospice in Durham. I'd be extremely gleeful for any donations. Thank you so much!
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