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March Fitness Files

I've upped my fitness at the end of March by adding 3 strength training classes a week.

I'll be knocking running on the head one night a week which will more than likely be a Friday. 

Best Achievement - 2 Achievements this month that I'm super proud of.

1. Running a mile in 8 minutes and 49 seconds.
2. I went to Fulham Palace parkrun and got round in a record breaking 28 minutes and 27 seconds!

Healthy Recipe to try - This month I've been having the same lunch at least twice a week and I love it.

Handful of chopped red onion, 6/7 cherry tomatoes, half a mozzarella ball and 1 small avocado. Drizzled with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tastes amazing.

Top Tip - Invest in some decent running socks. I didn't think socks would really matter when I started running but boy oh boy do they make a huge difference. Since my silly mistake on wear ordinary trainer socks last week I've invested in a LOT more running socks. More miles ones for Start Fitness I've found pretty good or Puma socks.

Total Miles Ran -  54.4 miles.

The most mileage in a month I've ever ran has been March.

March Fitness Files 

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