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Barburrito - intu Metrocentre

There's been a lot of work going on in the into Metrocentre over the last few months. In fact they are having a multi million pound makeover and adding 10 new restaurants down in the yellow mall. 

A few weeks ago I was invited down to the opening of Barburriot with the chance to get to make my very burrito. 

I do love a burrito but R seriously loves them so he was the perfect guest to take with me. We've never actually been able to make one, which could have been disastrous.

We started off the night by getting the try all the burrito fillers.

Spicy beans, guacamole, mushrooms, pulled pork, the best beef and amazing cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed trying them all. But the nacho cheese was by far the best bit.
Before we got to make the real thing, we had a little trail and error with a wrap and some rice.
To be honest I was really impressed with how mine turned out.
Once we had mastered the fine art of wrapping burrito we were let loose behind the counter to make the real thing.
First we toased the wrap, added our choice of rice and beans.
 The on went the spicy shredded beef.
And then I added some vegetables and guacamole for good measure.
R went for the grilled chicken. His looks a lot smaller than mine once they were wrapped up.

And as you can tell by my smile I was uber proud of my burrito making skills.

So next time your shopping or going to the cinema at intu Metrocentre and you fancy something to eat Barburrito is now open in the yellow mall.
Can you wrap your own burrito? I'm interested in knowing if I'm the only person who couldn't?

Barburrito - intu Metrocentre

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