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April Fitness Files

The fitness highlights of last month.

Best Achievements - Well this has to be running the Blyth 10k in 59 minutes and 54 seconds. This was my unofficial time which I took from my Garmin. My official time was 1:00:02. Which I was a little disheartened with. But it wasn't chip timing so I'm sticking with my Garmin time. I was super proud of myself I honestly wanted to cry. Possibly with relieve or more the fact that I had ran 10k. I couldn't even dream of doing that this time last year.

Prove that if you put your mind to something you can do it. I am taking part in Sunderland 10k in May. Which will more than likely be a busier race. I'm looking forward to seeing what time I can get.

Healthy Recipe to try - The best cod dish in a tomato sauce, I got the recipe from the BBC good food website. The only thing I don't do is add the sugar and you really don't need it.

Top Tip - Don't start running, you will get addicted and you will loose toe nails like I did! I'm slightly mortified that my big toe nail is now missing on my right foot. Hope it come back before summer! 

Total Miles Ran - 51.7 miles. 

What have you been up to this month? 

April Fitness Files 

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