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Turtle Bay - Newcastle

I am missing my Caribbean adventure so bad, the sun, the cocktails, the food and of course the friendly people. The cold weather in Newcastle is getting right through to my bones. Only the other day I did a 6 mile run in the hail!

I was super excited to hear there was a Turtle Bay opening in Newcaslte.  This Jamaican style restaurant actually opened the day I was in Jamaica. Coincidence I think not. It was complete fate.

A few Sunday’s ago R and I made the journey to Newcastle to try and get rid of my Caribbean blues. We booked a table which I am so glad we did as the restaurant and bar was packed, to me this was a very good sign.
Inside there were couples, families and huge groups of friends enjoying cocktails, mocktails and what looked like amazing food.

At the bar I was struggling to decide what cocktail to have so I asked the barman what his favourite was I quickly ordered one and he brought me two. I knew I was in for a good night.
Cocktails at Turtle bay are two for one until 1900 and then from 2230 and 0130. Promise me you will make a trip to Turtle bay just to sample a cocktail or 3! 

After we got our drinks R decided it was time for food. We were seated straight away although we were early for our booking.

Our wonderful waitress brought over the menu and helped me chose what to have as a starter I could have ordered it all.
The music was authentically Caribbean as I felt like I had been transported back to Harbour Lights in Barbados which is an open air night club where to dance on the sand.  Bob Marley was playing, a little bit of reggae reggae and of course Barbados’s sweet heart Rhianna.

^^^ The kitchen reminds me of the huts in Barbados

We didn’t have to wait long for our starters.        
I made R order Jerk pit prawns, they sounded so good on the menu and I really wanted to try them but I don't like to order whole shell on prawns unless my Dad is there to peal them for me. Yes I may be mid twenties but still a child at heart. These king prawns were grilled with a herb, chilli and garlic butter. Honestly they tasted so good. I wish I had ordered them. 

I on the other hand ordered chilli fried squid. Crispy spiced coated squid with mango chutney, fresh lime and coriander mayo. 

They had a nice little bit of spicy kick to them and I would 100% order them again. 

^^^Yes this is R's idea of getting a good photo.

There was a real buzz in the restaurant and I really loved the vibe inside. 

After the starters I felt it was appropriate to move on to my next cocktail. 

A strawberry daiquiri, there was a little wait for the cocktail as there was a few teething problems wit the bar. But the wait was worth it!  

I was spoilt for choice for main course. But I did manage to manage to choose one, although I could have easily ordered 3. 

Curry, shrimp and mango. Which came in a pot which conveniently was in the 'one pot' section on the menu. 
Accompanied with flat bread. I think this would be my signatory dish every time I visit to Turtle bay. 

R ordered half a jerk chicken, which is marinated for 24 hours with orange chutney and coconut shavings. I got to eat his chips as he is sticking to a healthy diet.  

Well he may be on a diet but I certainly am not. So I went for pudding too. 

Banana and toffee cheesecake.  

Turtle bay was a fantastic night. The deal on the cocktails is fabulous. I can't wait to go there with my family. I think my Dad would absolutely love it. 

Have you visited the newest restaurant in the Toon yet? 

Turtle Bay - Newcastle

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