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Top Dog Diner - Soho London

Whenever I visit London Soho is always top of my list. There is so much going on and totally multicultural. So I was happy when Emily had told me she found a restaurant she wanted to try in Soho called Top Dog Diner.

Emily had scouted down Top Dog via Instagram and we made a booking (that we changed around 3 times).

After a very busy day walking around the Harry Potter Studios in Watford Emily and I were in the mood for a great whooping burger.

There were all kinds of craft beer on offer, none that I would have liked (I really don't like beer or larger) so Emily was in her element.

I went for The American. The House sauce was out of this world! I ended up scraping my sweet potatoes fires along the plate to make sure none was wasted.

The American also came with onion, lettuce, home-made pickles and relish.

Emily got her chops around the Pulled pork and slaw burger (with the apple slaw on the side). With what Emily said was the best Kansas city BBQ sauce. So much so she asked for more to dip her chips in.

We both ordered sweet potato fries which Emily managed to eat all hers but it was a little too much for me.

I was so full by the end I didn't think I could mange anything else, until I saw the milkshake menu.

Before the waiter had chance to ask if we would like anything else I ordered a salted caramel shake. With two straws, so I didn't look to greedy.

We had a little walk to Covent Garden after to try and work off a little bit of our burger. But I honestly think you could have rolled me there.

I will 100% be going back to Top Dog on my next visit to London. Or maybe I can persuade the owners to open one in Newcastle?

Top Dog Diner - Soho London

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