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My Week In Training #3

This weekend has had me all confused and I forgot to post this yesterday. I'm sorry, but Happy Easter. 

Monday 21/3 

Rest day.

Tuesday 22/3 

Sports massage. The most painful thing ever. I've always had problems with my back being tight and usually ask my Mam to rub it for me but I decided to put my faith in the sports massage gods and went along for a session. Oh my days, the pain. Apparently my back was solid. Got another one booked in for 3 weeks time.

Wednesday 23/3 

Double train. I started at a new gym in Durham doing an 8 week carnage course. Was 45 minutes of different exercises. Basically I learnt I really have no strength in my abs at all.

3.80 miles on the track. Speed work. My legs felt heavy to begin with but I managed to get into a rhythm and kept my speed up to where I wanted it.

Thursday 24/3 

I was sooo tired, I had all intentions of going to the gym but I ended up having a nap. 

Friday 25/3 

Strength training with Team Carnage. Circuits, using ropes, body weight and other various weight pieces with an Easter egg hunt after, I didn't find one.  

Saturday 26/3 

parkrun day 3.15 miles, first mile is always the easiest the other 2 were horrific. 

Sunday 27/3 

Rest day. 

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So there we have my week in training, better late than never. 

My Week In Training #3

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