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My Week In Training #2

So what went down on the running front this week.

Monday 14/3

6.12 miles I ran 5 miles around very steady and the sped up for the last mile. I was surprised there was anything left in my legs from Sunday's run. 

Tuesday 15/3

Strength training at the gym. I took my sister along to play with the weights. We did a cardio warm up, played with a few weight machines and the a mile walk cool down on the dreadmill, sorry I mean treadmill. 

Wednesday 16/3

3.54 miles running track. It was mainly speed work. Running at 5k pace, then flat out before having a little rest. We did this around 4 times. I can't remember the times but I was shattered by the end. 

Thursday 17/3

Walking 10.56 miles in London. I really wish I had my foam roller with me as my poor legs were so stiff. 
Friday 18/3

Rest Day. 
Saturday 19/3

3.04 miles Fulham Palace parkrun. I managed to smash my PB and did it in 28:27 which I was completely over the moon with. 
Sunday 20/3

Rest day

Now my body is aching so much now and I've completly fallen off the healthy food band wagon so I'll be jumping back on that next week. 

How has your week in training been? 

My Week In Training #2

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