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My Week In Training #1

I've become obsessed at reading running and fitness blogs and kind of want to document my progress in training too.

For me running isn't about the times, now don't get me wrong I love it when I break my parkrun PB but at the moment it's not something I'm focusing on. My aim with running is maintaining my distance without feeling the need to keel over. Speed work is something I want to work on but at a later date.

If these posts last they will be more than likely up on a Sunday/Monday and when I go into my half marathon training I'll let you know.  If you have any training tips or tricks please let me know. I'm still very much new to all this.

Monday 7/3

6.2 steady miles my third time breaking into the 6 miles. 1 killer hill. I Felt really good and ran with a different group of people which is always really nice. The weather way dry (always a bonus). 

Tuesday 8/3

Rest day. I had my laser hair removal treatment and was advised not to go to the gym so I had an unplanned day off the gym.

Wednesday 9/3

6.3 miles very wet miles!  I am officially a 10k runner!

Thursday 10/3

Rest day - boy oh boy my legs were feeling it today. I had a nice stretch and a foam roll before work and that sorted me out.

Friday 11/3

Rest day. Went for pie instead of a 6 miler. Priorities and all that.

Saturday 12/3

3.1 parkrun - I find getting out of bed on a Saturday to go to parkrun so much easier than I do going to work. I wish parkrun was everyday! I paced a lovely lady around Durham and she managed to get a PB which was lovely as I didn't think I'd be able to pace people for quite some time. 

Sunday 13/3

3.14 miles Wynyard trail 5k. I hate trail runs. There I said it, but I've committed to quite a few this year so I'm just going to have to get used to them I guess. Was a lovely day for a run. I managed to break my quickest mile PB too. But I do think I peaked to early. Miles 1 and 2 seemed so easy and then mile 3 there was a wicked hill more like a mountain. Ok I'm exaggerating but I did use my arms to pull me up! 

Notes - 
I graduated from the 5 - 10k group I've been training with for the last 6 weeks. I missed 3 session due to blog events and a holiday but I've managed to stay on the course and on track. It does kind of worry me a little bit as the next course I'll take is a 10k - half

But I guess it was only just September when I could hardly run at all. Thanks to the support of my running friends and going out in all weathers, hail, snow, rain and blistering sunshine (when I was in the Caribbean) I can now happily say I am a confident 10k runner. I just need to be able to do another 6 miles *Worried face emoji here*.

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My Week In Training #1 

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