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Meeting Yoda - St Maarten

St Maarten is without a doubt my favourite island in the Caribbean, there is shopping, white sandy beaches, cocktails and Yoda. 

This little island is a dual personality, half French and half Dutch.

The port is a short water taxi from Philipsburg. 

We started off our day walking around the island this kept Dad happy as we stayed out of the shops.

We met a lot of Canadians and Americans who are spending the winter in St Maarten. I did get pretty jealous of them. The walk didn't last too long, us ladies were ready to shop. Dad went back to the water taxi to head back to the ship as he really can't stand shopping. 

Trust me when I say we had every intension to shop, but we found something pretty exciting. 

That Yoda Guy movie exhibit, now I'm a little bit of a star wars fan so I was pretty excited by this. 

Nick Maley is a a movie industry artist who was involved with the creation of Yoda and many more famous icons. 

Here I am with Nick who was such a lovely guy. Originally from Wembley managed to make it in the big world of Hollywood. 

Inside was a treasure cove of Star Wars memorabilia. I was high on excitement and bought a gift for R that Nick very kindly personalised for me.  

The exhibit wasn't just about Star Wars. Nick has worked with a lot of famous people and on quite a few movies. 

There was so much more but the lighting wasn't great for photos, but trust me it is worth a visit. 

I wasn't going to make the trip without meeting the big man himself. 

Yoda, I felt so starstruck. 

Yoda told me something very insightful. "Do or do not, there is no try". Which to be honest I'm still trying to work out what it means. 

After meeting Yoda we hit the shops.

But to be honest, I was spent up. Dad had also managed to find us again. We're not that hard to find when all three are us together. Just look in the shops. 

Shopping is VERY thirsty work.

We found a bar called Pirates  that had a bar man that was hard to please. But I knew if anyone could get a smile out of him it would be a Geordie family. 

And of course we did. Granted I don't think he understood my sense of humour and was more than likely laughing to try and shut me up. 

However I wasn't laughing when he told me he'd ran out of ice so there were no more cocktails. What kind of beach bar runs out of ice. Obviously us British had been drinking there quite a bit that day. 

We chatted to people around us, looked at all our purchases and watched a local game of cricket. 

I guarantee that one of these boys will end up playing for the West Indies one day. 

After a little while it was time for the last water taxi to set sail to take us back to Britannia and leave my favourite island. 

Before we boarded back on the ship we had to have a photo in front of the St Maarten sign. 

It's become a family tradition.

I love St Maarten. Until next time. 

Meeting Yoda - St Maarten 

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