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Il Pizziola - Mayfair London

Nothing works up an appetite quite like shopping does.

On Thursday Emily and I made our way to London and we managed to walk a whopping 10.56 miles. We were starving! I needed carbs and lot's of them.

R had told me about Il Pizziola and sadly I've never had time to visit while I've been in London. But as we were shopping near Mayfair it was my perfect opportunity it visit.
Il Pizziola is a family run Italian on Blenhiem street in the heart of London.  

Emily and I were lucky to get a table, lot's of city workers were having a post work meals with colleagues.

We were seated near the kitchen and we could see all the pizza's being made.

Believe me when I tell you I was famished and incredibly thirsty.

I ordered a glass of wine before the waiter had chance to hand me a menu.

I was a little worried as R's taste can sometimes be some what expensive so I was happy to see the menu was reasonably priced for London. 

For starters I ordered from the specials.

Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes on a bed of rocket with balsamic vinegar. Possibly one of my favourite starters.

Emily ordered a tomato garlic bread. It was so funny when she ordered it. The waiter told her it was the same size as a pizza. To which Emily said. 'I know, I'm hungry'.

I did help her out on a slice. 

Service was extremely quick at Il Pizziola but not rushed. The football was on which might explain why R loves the restaurant so much.

For main course there was only one thing I wanted. 

Pasta carbonara. It was delicious. 

Emily had tomato pasta with prawns and was so hungry I couldn't get a picture quick enough. 

I loved the decor in Il Pizziola.

It gave the restaurant the an Italian feel. 

So next time you're in London and don't want to pay through the nose for good grub I really recommend Il Pizziola. Next time I go I'd book a table (0274999878) just to be on the safe side. As next time I don't think we would be so lucky. 

Have you ever been to this gem before? 

Il Pizziola - Mayfair London 

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