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Harry Potter Studios - Watford Part One

You may remember my 2016 Bucket list I wrote at the end of last year. Amongst 10 of the things I wanted to do this year one was visit Harry Potter Studios.  

As Watford is quite a drive away from Durham, Emily and I decided to make a weekend out of it. We took Thursday and Friday off work and made the pilgrimage down South.

My obsession with Harry Potter came one Christmas after Santa Clause bought me Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on audio. Being dyslexic made reading Harry Potter an actual nightmare. With so many complicated words, listening to Steven Fry's soothing voice was much better.  

When the movies were released I was always first in line to see them.

Getting from central London to Watford was easy. Jumped on the train at Euston station to Watford Junction then the knight bus to the studios. And we got there just in time for our 11:30am tour. 

We picked up our digital guide and got in line to start the tour. We had a half an hour wait.  Which was pretty boring. There wasn't anything to read/watch and I saw children getting rather agitated which I could understand.  

Inside the studios Emily and I were like children wanted to see it all.

The sorting hat had pride of place in the Great Hall. Which house would you be put in?

In the Great Hall the teachers and staff were all standing up watching all us new students with eager eyes.

On our way out the Great Hall and on our way to the Gryffindor common room we passed all kinds of Harry Potter memorabilia.

Past the costume department to ensure everyone looked the part.

Every Witch and Wizard must look good don't you think?

And as you can see not all the corridors were straight. 

But we finally made it to the Gryffindor Common room which was much more fancy than my school Common room. 

As for the Dorm rooms maybe mine were better after all. Look how tiny the beds are.

We were stumbled into Dumbledore's office for a word of advice, but couldn't resist a photo opportunity. It wasn't often I got sent to the headmasters office at school. 

We headed over for a potions lesson down in the dungeons. We even saw a little bit of magic. 

The caldron was stirring itself, well it saves time I guess.

We passed Professor Snape on our way out who was rather stern.

On our way to Hagrid's house we wandered through the Chamber of Secrets.

Through various corridors with moving portraits.

Before we got to the edge of the Forbidden Forest and inside Hagrid's hut.

Luckily Fang was a lovely dog, just on the large side.

We had a little wonder around, coming across the Goblet Of Fire (which is the book I am reading at the moment).

Don't worry I didn't put my name in.

We saw a little bit of a 'How to use your Wand Class'.

But we couldn't hang around in the queue for a lesson as Emily and I had an important appointment at Mr and Mrs Weasley's house - The Burrow.

Mrs W had the chopping, ironing, knitting and the washing up being done all the same time. I wish she would come and put this spell on over at my house.

We stayed with Mrs Wesley for a cup of tea (or water in my case) to give my feet a little bit of a rest.

Part two will be up at the start of next week.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the studios and I'll do my best to answer them in the next post.

Harry Potter Studios - Watford Part One

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