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Fitness Files - February

I’ve learnt an awful lot this month. 

  1. For the third time I've been rejected for the Great North Run Ballot so I’m going to run for a charity. Maybe I’m just not meant to run it. (But I have got a charity place)
  2. Running on holiday is hard. 
  3. Running in the heat is bloody hard. (I’m sorry there is no other word to describe how I feel about the situation) 
  4. Running while watching people lying on sun beds catching the final raise of the day with their cocktails trying to encouraging you is a form of Chinese torched. (No disrespect intended) 
  5. Completing 10k on the 24th of February made me feel so proud, like I'd actually concurred Everest. One small step for man, one giant leap for Katie! 

Best Achievement - Did I mention I managed 10k in one running session?! Yes that is like running parkrun and then turning around and running it all again. 

I PB'd at parkrun at the weekend. Manage a 3.1mi in 30 mins 39 seconds! Or an official time of 30 mins 59! I really want to get below 30 minutes. I think it might take a little bit more training. 

Healthy Recipe to Try - Since I got back from the cruise I've been really good and only trying to eat healthy things but my favourite are these peanut butter energy balls. I used a little bit of Vivianna does make up recipe mixed with my own. Believe me they are delicious! 

Top Tip - As I'm running a little bit further than my usually 5k my legs have started to get a little bit sore so my top tip for this month is baths. So relaxing on my muscles. 

Total Miles Ran - 37.8 mi

I graduate from my 10k course in March so technically I'll be moving up to a 10k to a half marathon course. Which is a little scary....half marathon 13.1 miles. At this stage I honestly don't think I'll make it. But I've got my name down for 2. So if I can't run, I'll walk and if I can't walk I'll crawl. But I will get there. Mind over legs, that's my new motto. 

Also I've set up a new Instagram page so you can watch my running journey, @runner_katiejane. 

I said last month I wanted to try yoga, well I did. It was so boring! I managed a 20 minute session at home and I just couldn't manage the breathing and being still for so long. I might give it another go but I won't be rushing too. 

How have you got on this month? Any new exercises I should try? 

Fitness Files - February

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