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On Board P&O - Britannia

You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit MIA the last two weeks. 

Well, I’ve been on a Carribean adventure, on board the P&O ship Britannia. 

^^^In port at Jamaica 

Of course I’m going to tell you all about it, but before I do, I’m going to give you a little bit of the low down. 

This is my third cruise. All three have been with P&O, the two before I went on the ship Ventura around the Caribbean. Everyone is so friendly and the sun is almost guaranteed.

^^^Captains Gala drinks reception

I’m went with my family, Mam, Dad and my sister Emily. We flew from Newcastle, which I believe Newcastle have two direct flights to Barbados a year. But you must be going on a P&O cruise. Of course flying from Newcastle is brilliant. 

Arriving in Barbados, leaving all the horrible weather at home, the warmth welcomed you home like a long lost friend. 

^^^Yes that is the Captain dancing at the Great British Sail away.

There is a shuttle bus that takes you straight to the ship, you check in and your luggage meets you on board. Unless P&O completely mess up your booking like they did with ours. We ended up going to find our own luggage, which was in a crew area. 

On board the ship there is an option to eat 24/7. Whether it’s breakfast, room service, the grab and go bar, ice cream, or the ‘always’ open buffet. Trust me, you will not go hungry. 

There are two set dining options, at half 6 and half 8. Alternately, there is freedom dining when you can eat at whatever time suits you. We go for this option. 

Along with the main restaurants there are others where you have to pay a little supplement. But don’t worry, I’m going to tell you all about them in posts to come. 

Drinks aren’t included in the price of your cruise, but, there are benefits, such as on board spend. No cash is handled on board, all purchases are made via your cruise card aka your room key. 

On some evenings there is a dress code. Known as black tie evenings. There is usually 2 a week, and mainly on sea days, bar one. (This was in my case). 

^^^With guest Speaker Alex Alley - the Round the World sailor. 

We had 9 days at the following Ports:- Barbados, Aruba, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Tortola, St Maarten, Antigua, Dominica and Grenada before heading back to Barbados, and then home. There were 4 days at sea in between all the port hopping. 

^^^At Port in St Maarten. 

Days at sea are a nightmare for people like me. Sun beds almost long gone by 0730 and people leave there towels on them all day. P&O really need to police this better. I was at the pool one day for 3 hours; beds were left with books, towels and bags on yet no one was to be seen on them. Very annoying if you want a bed in the sun!  

There is plenty to do in doors. Such as talks, dance lessons, cookery classes, a spa and a gym. 

Keeping fit on the ship is very easy, simply walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift. The only time I used the lift was when I was wearing heels. There was a 5k fun run in aid of Teenage cancer trust. It was great fun but running in the heat is hard work! 

^^^Believe me this smile was for the camera, running in the heat was hard! 

So prepare for lots of Carribean and cruise related posts coming your way over the next few days, even thought it is snowing as I write this. 

On Board P&O Britannia

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