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Oistins Fish Fry - Barbados

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been in the Carribean, pretending to be a pirate, drinking on a ship.  Granted, I wasn’t stealing gold or drinking rum. However, I was a pirate! 

As the Cruise ship (P&O Britannia) was at Port in Barbados for 24 hours on our Friday arrival, there was only one thing to do, head to Oistins. 

Oistins is one huge barbecue where everyone is invited. Friday night is mainly for the tourists, the locals go on a Saturday and Sunday to eat (so I’ve been told). Friday night for the locals is domino night and they play the game incredibly seriously. 

Of course you must hang around to support the chaps, there’s money on it after all. 

We arrived at half 7 absolutely shattered! We’d just arrived from Newcastle and made our way straight there. 

You find your picnic bench that and get your menu, nothing is official here as the menu is all about what fish that was caught that very day! 

Grab a few Banks beers - delicious!

Flyfish and grilled Kingfish is what you’re looking for. Along with macaroni pie, that is out of this world!!! 

The chips and the macaroni pie came as a side dish. And honestly the fish is out of this world. Tastes so good with all the Carribean spices. 

Luckily for us all 3 dishes were on the menu. This lad wasn't, as he hadn’t yet been caught. 

We had some amazing food (so good I can’t wait to go back). Our picnic table was Chez Daniel. 

Food comes with more food, salad, chips anything you want (as long as it’s fish) is available at Oistins.

Along with the amazing seafood there is a party atmosphere. With live music, dancing and DJs. Oistins is one lively family outing. 

And like typical Caribbean weather showers are likely, and, when the rain comes the party just moves under the shelter. 

Don't worry, the rain never lasts for long and, it's no where near as cold as the rain we have at home. It's warm, and I kind of like a Caribbean down pour. It's a bit like taking a warm shower with your clothes on. 

The perfect way to start any holiday. I'm so happy we managed to get to Oistins this trip. 

I only wish I was going this Friday. Maybe we could have a wet BBQ instead? 

Oistins Fish Fry - Barbados

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