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Dunns River Falls - Jamaica

Arriving in Jamaica at 0800, our view out of our cabin was wonderful. 

But today wasn't about lounging by the beach, no, today was about climbing the Dunn's River Falls. 

Dunn's river falls is part of the river that you can walk or climb as is cascades down to the sea.

I did the climb in 2011 with my Dad and Emily. This year it was Mam's turn. 

We disembarked from the ship, and caught the bus to the falls. Cost for a return trip was $10pp, and entrance into Dunn's river falls is $20pp. 

It's hard work! The first time I climbed them it was very testing! This time, I was much fitter, but it was still tough! 

At one point I screamed, I saw some fish in the water. I hate being in water where there are fish, even though they were so small!! 
We shouted and chanted all the way up. "It's HOT HOT HOT, lets get WET WET WET" and in Jamaica you gotta say "yeahhhh mannn!"  

There was even a man made slide. 

Don't worry my head didn't go under. 

We finally made it to the top. I was delighted to have done it again!

The bus collected us to take us back and we taught the driver some Geordie. In stead of saying yeah man we told him to say "Why aye man" - we couldn't shut him up after that  - he loved it!

I was shattered, but Emily and I still managed a wander around the shops. 

We stopped off for a fresh ice cold coconut. 

I discovered I really don't like coconut water. 

Emily and I met Shaun who made some bracelets for us to take home for our two little friends.

Then we dipped our toes in the water. 

It took a lot of shots before Emily managed to get one of me actually off the ground! 

After such a tough climb up the Dunn's river, and jumping in the air about 20 times I needed a drink. We headed to a local bar and listened to a bit of Bob Marley to had a spiked daiquiri.

Spiked just meant it had some vodka in.

We headed back to the ship for an afternoon nap. Who knew being on holiday could be so tiring?

Dunns River Falls - Jamaica

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