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A Trip to Hell and Back - Grand Cayman

My first visit to Grand Cayman and I was so excited to explore. Emily was keen to go to the Turtle farm on the island, and, visit Hell! So, that’s exactly what we did. 

We caught the local bus, paid our $2.50, and told the driver we wanted to go to the Turtle farm and off we went. No bus stops; we picked up along the way, people that wanted to go in that direction and the bus stopped wherever requested. 

When we arrived at the farm we bought some turtle feed, and Emily and I had great fun watching them gobble away (the feed looked and smelled very much like dog food). 

I loved watching the turtles swim. The big pool above is their breeding ground and the small turtle I'm holding in the first picture is the youngest they had. They often release tiny babies to the wild. 

It was brilliant fun at Cayman Turtle farm. It opened in 1968 to deter poachers stealing the turtle eggs from the beaches, and, stop the black market selling turtle meat for burgers and steaks to the local restaurants. 

There was also a dolphin park over the road from the turtle farm, but we didn't have time for that. We had to catch the bus as we wanted to make a trip to Hell. 

Yes there is actually a village in Grand Cayman called Hell. You can send a postcard from there and it is stamped Hell. So of course I had to send one to my Great Uncle Ronnie. 

Don't forget to say hello to Ivan. 

AKA the Devil himself! 

But I couldn't leave without giving my best devil impression. 

We then jumped back on the bus after having a little look around Hell to return to the Port. 

I can't praise the buses enough in Grand Cayman. Emily and I got off and left Mam and Dad to head back to the ship, as I needed to get a little wifi to enter into the Blaydon Race. I was delighted to get a place to run on the 9th June! 

We headed to Margaritaville which had the coolest slide inside the bar.                                                                               

There are wild chickens wandering around all over the Caribbean islands, and Grand Cayman was no different. 

It was time to head back to the ship as Grand Cayman is entry by Tender only, and the last one was at half past 5. 

Emily and I just made it, back to our home, Britannia. 

^^^One of our neighbouring ships docked alongside. 

A Trip to Hell and Back - Grand Cayman

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