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Sound Mind and Body - Newcastle

In order to get stronger at running I know I needed to vary my exercise. No matter how many miles I do on a pavement it's good to do different forms of exercise and interval training. Something, to tell you the truth I know nothing about. 

The guys over at Sound mind and body invited me down for a PT session with Maggie. 

To be 100% honest with you I was so nervous. 

a) I'd never done anything like this before, 
b) I'm still no where near as fit as I would like to be,
c) I wasn't even sure if I could run on a treadmill like I do on the road. 

Well I had nothing at all to worry about. When I arrived Maggie sat me down and asked me a few questions on my running and what my concerns were. 

Sound mind and body has the most fabulous décor for a gym. Just look at how amazing the chandeliers are!

We started off with a warm up then got straight to it.

I used the cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmill before we headed to the mats to do some core work.  

Maggie encouraged me the whole time. Pushing me and telling I could go further and push myself harder. 

If I was there on my own there is no way I'd have been able to push myself as hard as I actually did. 

My only regret I had is that I've never had a PT session earlier. 

To join Sound mind and body is £55 a month, which includes a fresh towel, bottled water and a newspaper in the members lounge along with tea and coffee. Open from 6am till 9pm there really isn't an excuse. 

But if you really want to see your fitness go up a level you can book a PT session for £35 or get a bundle of 10 for £300. 

If you're in Newcastle/Benton and like me, have the fitness bug and don't have a clue where to start in the gym, or even if you want to get fit and want to take that first step. Sound mind and body will be more than willing to help. Everyone was so friendly. 

You can call them on 0191 280 9274 and they will be more than willing to help you. 

Sound Mind and Body - Benton 

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