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Grostl - Recipe

Shall I tell you secret? I have always wanted to go skiing. In fact it's on my 'to do list' before I turn the big 3 0. Which thankfully is still a long way off yet. 

The lovely people over at Ski total got in touch and asked if I wanted to take part in a Ski related recipe challenged. 

You don't need to ask me twice about food. 

I was given the task to make the Austrian dish Grostl. I've never actually heard of this but it's pretty much a fry up. Perfect for a Saturday brunch. 

For the Grostl you will need, 

3 eggs, 
handful of parsley, 
500g of cooked potatoes cut into chunks, 
3 - 4 eggs, 
1 onion, 
A drizzle vegetable oil, 
400g of bacon, (we used ham) 
1 tsp of caraway seeds, 
1 and a half tsp of sweet paprika, 
1 pinch of chilli powder. 

Heat up the oil in a large frying pan then add the chopped onion. 

Then add your bacon/ham. 

Takes around 10 minutes for the bacon/ham to cook through. Once it has then add your potatoes. 

You need your potatoes to be golden brown which took me around 12 minutes to achieve. The you need to add your caraway seeds, paprika and chilli powder. 

Just before your eggs turn golden brown you need to fry your eggs and roughly chop your parsley. 

I popped the Grostl into a large bowl then topped with eggs and the chopped parsley. 

This recipe easily fed four of us (one who doesn't like egg). 

To keep the Austrian theme going we ended up watching The Sound of Music on Saturday afternoon, I know we're so rock n roll!! 

Have you ever been skiing before? 

Grostl - Recipe

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