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Fuego - Fenwicks Food Hall Newcastle

Let me take you back to the days between Christmas and New Year where no one really knows the date, every day feels like a Sunday and it's completely acceptable to drink before 10AM! 

Chloe form New Girl in Toon and I took a trip to Newcastle for a little bit of shopping and well surely you know by now we love our food! As soon as we met up our thoughts where pondering on where to go to lunch.  

Fuego, burried in Fenwicks food hall is a Mediterranean wine bar and restaurant. If you're a regular in Newcastle you'll know this place is alway busy, Chloe and I had a tactical plan of arriving at 11:45 to get a table. 

We were the first to arrive and as soon as the clock hit 12. Fuego was full I was glad we got there early. 

As we browsed the menu we ordered a glass of dry white wine to help us decide. 

For starters Chloe and I shared a small portion of the Grand selection. 

A delicious board of ham, cheese and olives. It is like my dream starter. The only thing missing was some bread. 
Which of course we quickly ordered the house bread basket. 
I drizzled my plate in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and happily dipped in my bread catching up with Chloe as to what's been happening over the Christmas holidays. 
There was only one thing on the menu for main course that I wanted....PIZZA. 
Pizza rosso margherita, which didn't come with any fresh basil but the pizza was so good and tasted so fresh! I absolutely loved it. 
Chloe also ordered pizza.
Pizza blanco, Carbonara. With pancetta egg and some parmesan. 
It look delicious and Chloe confirmed it. 
By the time we left the restaurant there was a queue so remember when you go for lunch get there early. 
What's your favourite pizza? Mine is simply Margherita. 
Fuego - Fenwicks Food Hall Newcastle 

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