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A Trip To Whitby

Waking up in the most comfortable bed ever, I was so ready for breakfast. 
Did you know breakfast is my favourite part of the day? So to celebrate someone else cooking my breakfast I had two courses. 
Coco pops to start. I haven't had these in years and I had completely forgotten how good they were. 
Followed by a cooked breakfast. 
Bacon, sausages, mushrooms and poached eggs? Sunday's really don't start off much better than that. 

R on the other hand didn't have a very photogenic breakfast. 

But he wolfed the lot down that set us up for the day as we were going on an adventure. 

I was sad to say goodbye to the beautiful building. The staff were all so friendly and I really felt at home in the luxury hotel. 

We were going to Whitby. 

It only took us around half an hour to get there. Famously known for the best fish and chips and home of Dracula, I had been before but I was only little. So I was super excited to visit the North Yorkshire town. 

Whitby was beautiful. Exactly how you would imagine a British seaside town. 

And there's two things you can eat in a Seaside town. 1 is fish and chips and the other of course. 

The second is of course ice cream, with lashings of monkeys blood! 

^^^That is one very happy blogger. 

We didn't really have a plan for Whitby, we kind of just wanted a nice Sunday Stroll, we did exactly just that. Some of the shops there were so cute. 

And if your day wasn't going to plan you can always take a trip too, 

This did give me a good laugh. 

Then we made our way out the beach. 

The only thing I wish I had, was a dog. There were so many there having a whale of the time on the rocks and running in and out the of the sea. 

We walked right the way to the end of the pier and took in all the sea air, which I think is better than medicine for poorly heads. 

The perfect Sunday stroll. 

We made our way back to the car walking past the cutest pub.

Back through the harbour. 

And then we were home, just in time for a proper Sunday roast. 

Have you been any where in North Yorkshire before? I'm defiantly going to be going back. Maybe try Harrogate next. Any recommendations? 

A Trip To Whitby 

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