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Fat Buddah - Durham

On a freezing cold night last week I met up with Laura from What Laura Loves for a good old catch up.

I booked a table in Fat Buddah which is in the Walkergate near the Gala theatre Durham. It's dead easy to get to as the car multi storey car park joins Walkergate.

Fat Buddah is an asian style restaurant that also does wicked cocktails. Cherry Blossom anyone? 

While we were pondering over the menu we ordered some prawn crackers as we were both starving!!

When Laura and I get together we could talk for England. Which is great, there's never a awkward silence moment between us.

We decided to have the deluxe sharing platter to start with. Which came with, vegetable spring rolls, baby ribs, duck samosa and chicken statay skewers. The skewers are without a doubt my favourite and I always like to order an extra portion of statay sauce so I can dip my spring rolls in.

To keep the sharing theme going we ordered some mains but decided to just share everything we ordered. I love doing this when I'm eating out.

Laura had the salt and chilli squid. Another favourite of mine.

I ordered honey chilli chicken, which is deliciously the perfect amount of spice for me. The honey sauce was perfect for dipping the garlic potatoes in.

Which brings me to the sides. Garlic potatoes are literally the best side dish ever. I could eat trays of these and some egg fried rice.

We were sat right next to the door which people liked to leave open on their way out which made our food go super cold but everything was still delicious

There is also a Fat Buddah in Newcastle if Durham is a little bit too far South for you. You can find out more about their restaurants on their website

If you're planning a trip promise me you'll get the garlic potatoes? They are literally the best!!

Fat Buddah - Durham

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