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Easy Mince Pies - Recipe

I was going to call this the lazy guide to mince pies, but I'm not. This is simply the busy persons guide of making homemade mince pies.

As much as I'd love to spend time making my own pastry in reality I just don't have time. So this is the easiest way. 

All you need is,

A Jar of good quality Mince meat, 
2 shots of Brandy, 
A few pinches of caster sugar, 
Ready made short curst pastry. 
A pinch of flour, 

The night before you make the mince pies. Pour all the mince meat and the brandy into a bowl cover and leave in the fridge overnigh

Pre heat the oven to 180C.

Unroll your pastry. Get 2 round cutters. One bigger than the other. The bigger one is to be used as the base and the smaller one for the lid.

Place the bases into a cupcake tray using a tea spoon pop one spoonful of the mince meat into the base and pop the lid on top.

Using a sharp knife prick a hole in the middle of the pastry and sprinkle a small pinch of sugar on top.

The sheet of pastry easily makes 12 mince pies however with the chefs bonus (left over pastry). Make in to a ball and with your pinch of flour roll out and use your cutters again to make a further 3.

I had loads of mince meat left over which seemed a massive shame to throw away. I find this keeps for around 5 days in the fridge and could probably make around 8 to 10 more mince pies.

There you have the easiest home made mince pies ever. They look and taste great.

If you make any please send me a picture via twitter @Katiejaneonline. 

Easy Mince Pies - Recipe

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