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Christmas with Northern Goldsmiths

I started my Christmas shopping way back in August and kind of gave up around November, so this weekend me and the it seems half the population were shopping in Newcastle.

I haven't been able to choose my Dad his gift yet, (any ideas please comment below). 

I managed to get a little VIP trip to Northern Goldsmiths. I've had my nose pressed against their window many a time picking out which Rolex I would love!

A little bit of fizz and I was trying on all kinds of diamonds (you don't need to ask me twice).

Like this £50,000 little beauty and long with the £20,000 tennis bracelet. I do hope Santa reads my blog.

We were treated to some Christmas tunes

And we nibbled away. 

It was a fabulous night. 

A few days later I was sat at my work desk thinking what could I treat my Mam with for Christmas.

I wanted to get her something to say thank you. Now I'm ok to show you all as I've already given her the gift. 

The beautiful black Swarovski bracelet has a rose gold clasp with some rose gold crystals. 

It beautiful and she was so happy when I surprised her. 

Do you have all your Christmas shopping done? I'm going to have to be quick as I'm at work until Christmas Eve. Any ideas on what I could get my Dad? 

 Christmas with Northern Goldsmiths 

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